Supplylogix Earns New Patent for Proprietary Inventory Management Technology

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,904,965 to Supplylogix, a McKesson Corporate business, for proprietary inventory management technology at the heart of Supplylogix’s Pinpoint Transfer®.

The patent is for a system and method that provides functionality allowing Supplylogix customers to transfer medication between locations based on demand. This demand is dynamically and automatically defined in a proprietary manner based on prescription medication dispensing history.

“We are committed to developing innovative, industry-leading technology that delivers practical supply chain intelligence solutions,” said Clay Courville, Vice President and General Manager of Supplylogix. “Recognizing our innovative culture, Supplylogix customers should expect even more exciting and new patented functionality in the future as we continue to help pharmacies successfully manage medications.”

Supplylogix is a trusted advisor and the national market leader in its industry, helping customers manage their inventory in more than 12,000 pharmacies. Supplylogix customers experience proven benefits in managing their inventory, including: reduced working capital; improved service levels; a reduction in returns; and increased inventory productivity. Supplylogix takes great pride in partnering with its customers to solicit feedback that drives product innovation and improvement. “By partnering with customers, we can ensure we meet their needs and deliver enhancements that they truly want,” said Courville.

“We’re excited about this new patent,” said Jody Harvey, Vice President, Business Development and Account Management. “It serves to protect our innovative technology and it validates our ongoing commitment to enhance our products and better serve our customers. Reducing returns, transferring medications to other stores, and reducing costs are all vital parts of improving business operations for our customers.”

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About Supplylogix

Founded in 2010, Supplylogix applications process millions of transactions every day on behalf of more than 12,000 national and regional retail pharmacies. Supplylogix is a high-growth software company that develops and delivers practical supply chain intelligence solutions for pharmacy and related businesses. Supplylogix, a division of McKesson Corporation, is based in Irving, Texas, and services a wide array of healthcare providers nationwide. For more information, visit

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