Pinpoint Transfer®

Redistribution Intelligence

Move swiftly with intelligent pharmacy inventory redistribution software

Many factors contribute to excess supply and can cost you a lot of money in inventory shrinkage: Purchased medications that are not dispensed regularly; unsold drugs that occupy valuable shelf space; and products overstocked at one pharmacy that are in greater demand at a different location. Pharmacy inventory redistribution software can help your pharmacy take control of its non-productive inventory to empower you to get the best return on your investment.

Pinpoint Transfer is a pharmaceutical inventory redistribution tool that integrates with your pharmacy management system to maximize product use and minimize returns. Our centralized software provides in-depth visibility into non-productive inventory and gives you full control of product redistribution across your organization. With Pinpoint Transfer, you can organize your pharmaceutical inventory to facilitate a sell-through rate of up to 90 percent within 90 days of the transfer.

Integrating Pinpoint Transfer software with your pharmacy inventory management system enables you to:

• Identify logical product redistribution transfers across your organization
• Accelerate the movement of inventory to increase your sell-through rate
• Locate and move non-productive inventory easily and efficiently
• Optimize inventory management to reduce costs and increase profitability
• Achieve return reductions that result in savings across your entire organization


Redistribute Non-Productive Inventory

Our software uses demand forecasting to prioritize redistribution options and displays information on transfer decisions, maximizing the use of your in-stock inventory.

Manage Utilization and Expenditures

Our software uses match-and-use algorithms to accelerate the utilization of redistributed inventory and provides you with a tool that helps drive product movement to meet productivity standards.

Analyze Inventory Productivity and Trends

Our powerful data analytics give you clear visibility into non-productive inventory while easy-to-use queries help you locate and move product efficiently.

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