Pinpoint Order®

Replenishment Management

Take the guesswork out of pharmacy inventory replenishment

It’s important to plan your pharmaceutical inventory so you have the right medications in the right place and at the right time. If you don’t have the medications in-stock to fill your patients’ prescriptions at their convenience, you could lose them as customers. An intelligent pharmacy inventory replenishment strategy allows you to analyze your inventory productivity and establish a reordering process to maintain optimal in-stock inventory levels.

Pinpoint Order is pharmacy inventory replenishment software that uses predictive intelligence algorithms to centralize the inventory purchasing decision process. Our software can help you eliminate inventory waste, make purchasing and replenishment more intelligent, and run insightful analytics to inform inventory decisions. When you use Pinpoint Order to optimize your pharmacy inventory, you can spend more time on patient care instead of supply chain management.

Integrating Pinpoint Order software with your pharmacy management system enables you to:

• Increase inventory productivity
• Reduce working capital
• Control in-stock and carrying cost parameters
• Establish just-in-time replenishment

Make Data-Driven Inventory Decisions

The dashboard and control panel enable you to monitor inventory information at the chain, pharmacy and item levels.

Spend More Time on Patient Care

Reduced time spent on inventory management tasks allows your pharmacy staff to devote more time to their patients.

Gain Insight into Productivity and Trends

Powerful analytics provide clear visibility into inventory productivity, dispensing and replenishment trends, and service levels.

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