Pinpoint Launch®

Generic Drug Management

Streamline generic drug inventory conversion tasks to save time and money

You’re busy running a pharmacy and caring for your patients. So, it’s not surprising that you don’t have time to focus on every single detail of managing your pharmacy inventory, for example, monitoring brand-name medications converting to generics. Generic drug inventory monitoring software can help you order the right amount of brand-name medications and anticipate the availability of more affordable generic replacement drugs.

Pinpoint Launch is a generic drug inventory conversion software that streamlines the process of minimizing your brand-name inventory while determining how much of the generic to keep in stock. When used together with Pinpoint Order and Pinpoint Transfer, it can help reduce on-hand inventory of branded medications scheduled to convert to a generic replacement. The average pharmacy converts up to 95 percent of their patients to a new generic within 90 days of its availability. With Pinpoint Launch, you can prepare for the switch ahead of time, which saves you and your patients money.

Prepare for Generic Drug Releases

Monitor upcoming generic drug releases and plan your inventory by reducing brand-name medication orders accordingly.

Track Patient Conversions to Generics

Calculate exactly how many patients are converting to a generic replacement to estimate how much of the drug to order.

Identify Drugs for Possible Return

Save money by identifying brand-name products that may be eligible for return to the wholesaler when you convert to generic replacements.

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