Case Management

Inventory Theft & Diversion Investigation

Take proactive measures to identify and investigate pharmacy inventory theft

Employee theft or diversion of controlled substances and other medications can compromise your regulatory compliance and decrease your bottom line. If you don’t have a clear strategy in place to audit your inventory and investigate suspicious activity, you can lose valuable time responding to such incidents. Pharmacy inventory theft and diversion detection software can help you identify suspicious activity in your pharmacy and quickly gather evidence to help conduct a thorough investigation.

Case Management pharmacy inventory theft and diversion software integrates with our Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor products to streamline investigations into suspicious activity in your pharmacy. Our solution enables you to collaborate with retailers on investigative tasks, quickly assign tasks to the appropriate investigator, and record findings once tasks are completed. Case Management serves as a central repository for building, tracking and storing cases. It can expedite the discovery process and standardize investigation techniques to help demonstrate compliance.

Establish a Clear Process

Implement a methodical process for investigative casework to minimize ambiguity and promote faster resolutions.

Maintain Accurate Records

Track, categorize, and store investigation outcomes to keep records organized and within compliance standards.

Uphold Compliance Standards

Pursue investigations deliberately, yet promptly to demonstrate your commitment to compliance standards.

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