It’s Easy Being Green

I’m sure you can guess from the title what this post is about. Today we’re going to talk about greening the community pharmacy.


If you have multiple stores, using a software program like SupplyLogix is a no-brainer. The software automatically taps into your computerized inventory and usage at all your stores and then, for each store, populates suggested inventory transfer to use up the ‘crumbs.’ If you have a 100-count bottle with 10 left in it, you can transfer it to a store that will actually use the drug.

Without a program like SupplyLogix, it’s really just too unrealistic to be able to consistently move inventory between stores. I’ve tried with only two stores using a shared Google Sheets and it doesn’t work. It’s too time-consuming to constantly update it.

One of the chains I worked for used this program and we made a habit of preparing the items once a week to ship out to the other stores (be sure to check your state laws so you know they allow it) and it was an easy thing to add in our routine.



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