Case Management for Supplylogix Pinpoint Audit™ (PPA) Unveiled at NACDS Total Store Expo

Supplylogix unveiled a new Case Management tool at the fourth annual National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo in Boston, which ran from August 6-9. Case Management is an enhancement to the existing Pinpoint Audit™ (PPA) module that will help streamline investigation procedures.

Supplylogix Pinpoint Audit monitors over 12,000 locations for internal theft of prescription drugs at retail and health system pharmacies. Case Management, the latest enhancement to PPA, is the result of a collaborative effort with our customers to help streamline investigations in cases of suspicious activity.

“Supplylogix has always helped identify at-risk situations with Pinpoint Audit,” said Lou Ann Myers, VP of Operations for Supplylogix. “However, we found from talking to our customers that lingering questions remain about how the investigation should flow and who should be responsible for specific case-related tasks. Standard operating procedures vary widely from retailer to retailer and even among individual investigators within a company. We realized that our customers need a tool to facilitate collaboration, quickly assign tasks related to an investigation, and record findings of those tasks once executed. Using Case Management as a central location for building, tracking, and storing cases helps expedite the investigation process and can aid in standardizing investigations, which is important from a compliance perspective.”
The Case Management enhancement to PPA was Supplylogix’s focus at NACDS Total Store Expo, but there are plans to integrate this functionality into its other products in the future. “The ability to look at data, to categorize, track, and store outcomes, and then to assign tasks for follow up is a significant benefit in other inventory initiatives that Supplylogix products support,” said Myers. “Case Management will help align tasks to support our customers’ larger goals and initiatives.”

The Supplylogix team met with over 45 companies at NACDS Total Store Expo in Boston, MA. Retailers were given the opportunity to interact with the new Case Management tool and share feedback on their experience and success with the Supplylogix suite of services. Comments on Case Management were overwhelmingly positive and complimentary and affirmed the strong and collaborative partnership Supplylogix has with customers.

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