Pinpoint Audit® & Pinpoint Monitor

Risk Mitigation

Continuously audit your controlled substance inventory for diversion and theft

Your pharmacy is vulnerable because you carry and dispense tightly regulated controlled substances. Theft or diversion by employees is a constant concern. Physicians who overprescribe or customers who overuse drugs can compromise patient safety. Lax oversight of controlled substance dispensing can lead to loss of inventory, fines for regulatory non-compliance, and, potentially, forfeiture of your license. Pharmacy inventory control software can help protect you from theft or diversion and promotes compliance with state and federal laws that govern the dispensing of controlled substances.

Pinpoint Audit is pharmacy inventory control software that helps you identify the potential diversion and theft of controlled substances and other high-value medications. Our solution continuously monitors your controlled substance inventory and evaluates the risk of diversion by each pharmacy location. In-depth reporting capabilities enable you to compile and consolidate information on potential theft and diversion within a large chain or multi-store operation. Automated monitoring and precise reporting can help with the prompt detection of suspicious activity and facilitate the collection of evidence for an investigation.

Pinpoint Audit pharmacy inventory control software enables you to:

• Proactively identify risk levels at every pharmacy, every day
• Identify suspicious behavior trends
• Analyze timing and frequency of inventory adjustments
• Receive alerts for potential diversion based on proven risk factors

Protect your pharmacy with hosted controlled substance inventory monitoring

Pinpoint Monitor is a hosted pharmacy inventory control software that can work in conjunction with Pinpoint Audit to help you proactively track and identify suspicious controlled substance orders. Our solution searches for irregular drug ordering practices using a comprehensive industry database maintained by Supplylogix that detects and benchmarks controlled substance dispensing patterns on a global scale. Extensive reporting capabilities enable you to analyze and document any suspicious activity around the movement of controlled substances through your pharmacy.

Pinpoint Monitor pharmacy inventory control software enables you to:

• Monitor suspicious controlled substance purchase behavior
• Identify over-purchasing of controlled substances
• Uncover potential over-prescribing by physicians
• Reduce the risk of fines and violations against your license

Consolidated Reporting

Pinpoint Audit seamlessly consolidates forensic reports, which simplifies the data gathering process and facilitates the prompt discovery of large and small quantity theft.

Behavioral Analytics Alerts

Pinpoint Audit enables you to identify risk levels and receive alerts for potential diversion based on proprietary and proven risk factors.

Chain-Wide Reporting

Pinpoint Audit and Pinpoint Monitor are designed to suit organizations large and small and provide streamlined visibility across all pharmacies.

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