Optimizing Inventory for Pharmacies

One of the biggest impediments for pharmacies is the lack of visibility in their inventories. What could be more frustrating than stocking supplies with less demand , or worse, no demand at all? Equally disconcerting is running out of an item in high demand , not with standing the regulation and security of controlled substances. The reason for all these obstacles is over-reliance on manual and paper-driven processes that not only adds significantly to inventory expense but also eats up pharmacists’ time, which could otherwise be spent delivering better patient care.

To that end, data can lend a helping hand to pharmacies, enabling them to eliminate guesswork and maintain optimal inventory levels for improved profitability through data- driven decisions. This is what Texas-based Supplylogix sets out to achieve through its Pinpoint suite of inventory management solutions, which leverages data to help pharmacist gain valuable insights and streamline their complete inventory management process. A McKesson Corporation subsidiary, the company’s solutions help pharmacist reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize their pharmacy supply chain. “Our solutions help pharmacies unlock valuable insights hidden within their existing data and empower pharmacy leadership to make meaningful supply chain decisions” states Nathan Chapman, Vice President and General Manager, Supplylogix.

Supplyogix’s ultimate aim is to help pharmacy chains capitalize on the inventory productivity using its highly advance data-driven SaaS platform. “Our goal is to help take the burden off of pharmacy staff from having to determine the right levels of inventory from for each location and allow them to free up time to spend with their patients” says Chapman.


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